Grand café La Guardia

La Guardia, attention and love for global food.

Simple is the new smart

La Guardia ensures a varying daily supply of traditional and trendy dishes. Produced using only a few ingredients, but full of attention and love. Familiar, timeless, with the occasional trendy touch, but particularly without fuss.

Each day, La Guardia will surprise you with traditional and trendy dishes. Produced using only a few ingredients, but full of attention and love. No wash of sauces and unrecognisable mixes of spices, but rather pure, familiar and timeless. With the occasional trendy touch.

At La Guardia, we use only the best ingredients, as fresh as possible and preferably locally sourced. Not every dish needs to be unusual or different. So often, enjoyment is all about a warming bowl of soup or a tasty meatball. Our menu always includes both. We offer a number of Asian and/or South American dishes, some of them with a Dutch twist.

We really want you to experience healthy enjoyment, with fresh ingredients and pure dishes. But the occasional treat is nothing more than human. That's why we offer healthy Poké bowls alongside marinated chicken thigh satay with fries.

The world is at your fingertips. Every urban market offers no end of food, drinks and spices from all kinds of countries. Our menu is a reflection of the market in Amsterdam. La Guardia forms culinary bridges between the continents. Our dishes and wines come from far and wide. Our suppliers travel the world to find the best products. They're preferably organic, biodynamic, certified and sustainably produced.

Is a High Tea no longer sexy?

So they say! But as long as you still think it's fun together with your colleagues, friends and family, we'll keep it on our menu. But it's the High Tea modern style. Three courses with traditional sweet treats and trendy savoury snacks. And the tea can of course be replaced by coffee if you'd prefer. After all, we believe in playing fair without fuss.

High tea from 4 persons € 19,50 pp.

Organizing a company get-together or party?

We regularly organise many events and shows in the grand café. Fashion shows, reviews of historic sports fragments, performances by national artists or local heroes. Or is karaoke or a swinging 70s party more your thing? We can arrange it for you. For work parties too, this is the place to be! We'll be pleased to draw up a plan to make all your dreams come true. In other words: just ask us!

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