Wellness Faciliteiten

House of Wellness Amsterdam staat voor honderd procent genieten! Er is veel heerlijks om een keuze uit te maken. Laat je verwennen en voel je als herboren.


Envisage the sea and coastline. Envisage healthiness. Envisage fresh air in your lungs. 

Himalayan salt crystals are known for their high levels of minerals: iodine, potassium, sodium, magnesium and chlorine. In this sauna, we have dissolved the salt crystals in a saline mist. This releases all those minerals. It's not only good for your airways, but also for your body as a whole! It will boost your metabolism and your thyroid function, for example. 

Asthma or bronchitis? Skin problems, metabolism imbalance, rheumatoid issues, cardiovascular disease or stress? A visit to our Salarium is just what your body needs. Come and see for yourself!





Recommended stay:

15 min

Infra-red sauna

Infra-red radiation penetrates the top layer of your skin without heating it.

It relaxes your body and mind, but also relieves discomfort, for example in cellulite, joint pain and arthritis. 

Spending some time in the infra-red sauna is also ideal after sports. If you make it a regular visit, you're guaranteed to suffer less from muscle pain and injuries.

Temperature: 40-60°C
Recommended stay: 15 min.

Steam bath

A dense mist enriched with the scent of eucalyptus or mint. This oriental sauna climate is the ultimate environment to shake off your stress, tension and tiredness. The essential oils soothe your airways. Forget your day-to-day world and do your health a pleasure in the Turkish steam bath.

Temperature: 50°C
Humidity: 80% - 100%
Recommended stay: 15 min.

Ice cave

Need to cool down after all the steam baths and saunas? Just imagine you're in Iceland as you step into our ice cave. Your skin will be cooled by ice and mist. What a unique refreshment.

Infusions in the Finnish sauna

Would you like to turn up the heat? Why not visit the Finnish sauna, the hottest sauna in the House of Wellness. A treat for your body and mind. This sauna with panorama window is extremely suitable for the traditional infusions ritual. Our professionally trained sauna masters are there to help you.


80- 100°C


10% - 20%

Recommended stay:

15 min.