Is a firm sports massage your thing? Or do you prefer a relaxing and restful treatment? Are you simply curious about Oriental massage techniques? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time to discover the options offered by House of Wellness Amsterdam

Almost all massages can be booked for 25, 40 or 55 minutes. Decide for yourself how long you want to enjoy it. Before starting, your massage therapist will enquire about your needs. What do you want the massage to do for you and where should the focus lie? And so you'll receive a massage optimally tuned to you and your body.

These are the treatments that we can safely offer: 


Treatment of the day 25/40/55 minutes

A customized massage, composed by yourself in consultation with your masseur with his or her unique specialities. Pamper yourself with the expertise of our well-trained masseurs.

€33,50/€ 44,50/€ 59,50

Hot stone massage 40/55 minutes

A hot stone relax massage helps your body heal itself. It stimulates your organs and gives enormous energy boost. The treatment also helps your body dispose of waste products more quickly.

€ 54,50/€ 69,50

Sportmassage 55 minutes

In a sportmassage session we use techniques where we focus on your (sport related) complaints and discomfort. We activate de blood flow which speeds up the healing process, and also a goal of the massage is to relax muscles and ease pain. A sportmassage is not only designed for people who work out, everyone sometimes needs a massage where the focus is laid on taking care of your aching, tired and/or stiff muscles. 


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